Metaphorically Speaking brain image

It seems everyone is thinking, talking or marketing focused about brains these days.

At least it seems that way to me after spending a month creating the latest installment of Metaphorically Speaking; the brain issue.

No sooner did it go out when a colleague and former marketing client sent me an article from last week’s Newsweek.

Your Brain on Money

The title of the issue is Moneybrain and it sums up the overall theme of the lead article, The New Science Behind Your Spending Addiction, which is a scientific look at the measurable differences between the brains of people who save and those who spend.

Psychologists and behavioral economists are identifying the personality types and traits that distinguish savers from spenders.

“Being unable to delay gratification is not something we’re stuck with for life,” says Columbia University psychologist Walter Mischel, who previously led a team of scientists at Stanford University in a classic study from the late 1960s, fondly known as the marshmallow experiment.

Ultimately, the article details how scientists have begun searching for more practical ways to develop a moneybrain that has a talent for saving – and for those who fear for their small (or non-existent nest egg), it’s particularly fascinating.

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