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Who we are is less important than who you are, but we’ll share a bit about ourselves anyway…

Our Philosophy

We believe in the value of good communication, marketing and strategy. 

We empower our clients by providing them with the tools they need to navigate the ever-changing world of digital marketing. And we’ll even train you on our tactics. What does this mean?


Plain and simple…we are about YOU.

Want to know more? Check out the 6 pillars we operate by below.

Providing Business Strategies That Increase Your Profit

We ask questions and listen to your needs.  Everything is carefully produced to incorporate a strategy that will build your brand, get you the most value, and help you increase your profits.

Empowering Clients to Succeed

Empowering our clients is immensely satisfying. Training and providing you with options and the resources to get you moving in the right direction is part of our DNA.


Good Communication Comes From Carefully Crafted Message

There is incredible value to well-crafted communication. Compelling copy that communicates the right message and engages customers will benefit your bottom line.

Delivering You the Results You Need to Succeed!

Working with us will be fun and yet hyper-focused on your results. Coming from a win-win situation provides the clarity that then allows profits to follow.

A Marketing Approach to Meet Your Needs

We provide a tailored approach to help you build revenue through a variety of marketing channels. Whether its small copywriting projects or entire marketing campaigns, we can provide the strategy that allows you to increase your market share.


Resources, Resources, Resources!

Information is key, especially when it comes to your business and staying on top. That’s why at professional PUNCH, we position our clients to always be in the lead by offering them a vast array of resources.

Creating Opportunities & Value

Business development is more than just sales, partnerships and hustle…

Working with us means we’re focused on creating long-term value for your organization. Marketing a product or an idea often requires “striking while the iron is hot”, but this should never be at the expense of a well-thought out plan or the value that is created is short-lived.

This is true when helping you build your business; creating a marketing strategy is about creating opportunities that generate long-term value – and encourages consistent opportunities for your continual revenue growth.

Our Story

Want to know more about us?  How we got started? 
And what’s up with our name??!

Giving Back

Professional PUNCH strongly believes in giving back to the community and we take pride in giving to those in need. In addition to each of our team members being involved in their own charitable endeavors, our business has contributed to a number of organizations that have touched our hearts.
We are also active participants in the WordPress community and spend a considerable amount of time speaking at WordCamps, organizing conferences, and making guest appearances on WordPress related podcasts.

Kathleen was my ‘go to’ for all things marketing — branding, website, SEO, creative, design and copy writing. Her strategic counsel took into consideration both the big picture and how to achieve from a tactical perspective. It was great to have someone I could trust to consistently deliver high quality products that met our quick turn-around needs. Highly recommend!

Ronda Estridge

Director of Speaker Relations, Keppler Speakers

Kathleen and her amazing team definitely provide that professional Punch! I supplied Kathleen with an outline containing some keyword phrases for a client. The article I received was outstanding. Not only was it compelling it was effective too. Within two weeks after posting the article on my clients website we were getting more visitors to this article than we were visits from all three of our Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Now that’s results!

Gary Pool


Delivered an unbelievable [logo] design with proven results! Kathleen went above and beyond expectations…she distinguishes herself by consistently submitting well thought-out and inspiring concepts. Rarely do you come across someone who is talented at both big picture ideas and executing the small details. A true brand visionary! I would rank her as one of the best consultants I’ve ever worked with.

Kenna Poulos

Marketing Director, Contegix

It is with confidence and proven results that I give Professional Punch my highest recommendation. I am thrilled to share we found an amazing partner! After a lengthy search we engaged with Professional Punch to audit and review our eCommerce platform artisanHD.com with a goal to improve in the areas of SEO, PPC, AdWords, blogging, site functionality and lets be honest, grow revenue. The results this year are nothing short of remarkable as we have exceeded 2016 revenue each and every month in 2017. An amazing feat in our competitive space and a trend we are incredibly excited to witness.

Doug Bondon

President & CEO, Artisan Colour Inc.

Having been in sales all of my life, I have very high expectations and can at times be very demanding. I want someone who demands the same, and I certainly found that. The knowledge and execution are without question. But it is the honesty, integrity and responsiveness that sets her apart. An authentic desire to help find the right fit that is full of positive energy, smart decision making, and a passion for the work. I would gladly recommend without hesitation, given the work ethic, professionalism and commitment to excellence.

Wendy Walker

Global Luxury Ambassador , Wendy Walker Fine Properties

My highest recommendation! One of the best marketing professionals I have worked with in over 25 years in business. I wholeheartedly recommend…Kathleen is highly confident in her ability to help businesses and individuals develop their value proposition, which resulted in her being immediately embraced by our firm. Kathleen is not only creative; she possesses the rare skill of being able to communicate her ideas and their associated benefits effectively, which in my case resulted in full buy-in. Simply put, she gets results.  

Hugh David Wolf

Program Director, YouthBuild Friendly House

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