5 StonesIn order to reach the lofty goals you have for your business marketing, you need to think through the challenges you face while creating a concrete plan – solutions that will clear a larger path to success.

Start by asking yourself, “What do I want?”  Write down the first idea that comes to mind and make it the topic of your business brainstorm session.

I’m serious.

Business Marketing: Write it Out

Why?  Thoughts written down focus your ideas and help you organize them.

Next, write all the ideas you can come up with that might support your original topic.  Then, organize it into an outline – keep it simple. The simpler and easier to execute the better. Within your brainstorm, several solutions will inevitably rise to the surface.

Put the larger goals as your headings and the tasks that will get you there as subheadings.

Be sure to write action items or tasks to support your main business marketing idea. Tasks help you get you closer to the larger goal and help you measure progress, especially if you create tasks out of the ideas. (besides, don’t you just love crossing off a completed task?!).

Sample Outline:

I.  Increase Leads/Sales

A. Get more referrals through business affiliates; Create brand advocates

1. Stay top of mind with past, present, potential clients

a.   Engage through social media, connect and interact

i.  Like them, connect to them, add them to my circle

ii.  Share/retweet their posts, +1 their content

iii. Congratulate them on their successes

b.  Attend 1 networking event a quarter

c.  Send value-add personal communication (industry insights and information)

d.  Follow up with a thank you note and / or satisfaction survey to improve their experience

If you start small, are focused and stay resilient, those ideas become the road map that lead to your business marketing success.

What method do you use to write your business goals?