The Professional Punch Story

Why don’t creatives think like CEO’s? That was the question I kept asking myself after continuing to be requested for prime writing assignments. Working as a freelance writer covering the top 1% of Commercial real estate leaders, I quickly learned what made for a successful professional, team and company.

It reinforced what I had learned in education, market research and the event technology
fields; that professionalism and passion matter.

The requests for my work grew so quickly that I started to hire other freelancers and I structured
the work so that it had to go through my process and my final quality assurance measures prior to being submitted.

Before I knew it, I had a business that filled a gap in the market; creative services that were delivering a higher caliber of work.

The Message

As I expanded into all aspects of brand identity creation, website design, collateral development
and eventually SEO, one common denominator wove its way through the work, the message is
important. The gurus now call it content strategy, but at the heart, it’s about compelling storytelling.
The challenge for companies was to get great content from people, who looked at the big picture,
who were strategic, honest and well, professional.

What’s in a Name?

One day, a client approached and said, we love working with you. You’re so professional. Do you
think there is any way you could look at the rest of our marketing materials and find a way to add
some punch to them?

That’s when Professional Punch was born. To this day, any project we take on is more than just
completing a task or providing you with good creative. There are lots of great firms out there who
do outstanding work. It’s about doing it in a professional way; strategic and proactive. It means we
act as an extension of your marketing department, and we look at how it affects your bottom line.

Ultimately, we deliver great work in a way that is fun and focused on your results.