In today’s ever-changing world, talent sourcing (especially virtually) has become more important than ever. Annual industry conferences and monthly community events have shifted to Zoom or been canceled altogether, so growing your network has become even more of a challenge. Luckily, how to hire digital marketing talent as efficiently as possible with the help of some online tools and ProPunch’s large network of strategic partners.


A great (and free!) method to find digital marketing talent is building a solid network on and connecting through LinkedIn.

Some tips for maximizing your LinkedIn profile:

  • Make sure people know what you do and why you do it so they can connect with you on a personal
  • Update your connections once a month to keep them up-to-date
  • Ask existing / former talent for recommendations
  • Create engaging graphics and content to get others to interact with your posts
  • Follow organizations that align with your business goals and values
  • Join groups in your area or industry and become an active member

If you don’t have a LinkedIn presence, you really are missing out on a great opportunity to connect.

Create a (virtual) relationship


How to Hire digital marketing talent male business professional conducting meeting virtually on computer Professional Punch BlogRemember that everyone you interact with during the day (even through email!) is a possible friend/colleague/vendor. Take an interest in the people you work with and use your existing network to help them. Find out what your acquaintances love to do, what makes them get out of bed every day.

Offering to connect our acquaintances with people and organizations that will help them on their path has always worked for Pro Punch! If this becomes the norm, when your network learns of someone looking for an opportunity or hears you’re searching for a new member of your team, they’ll help spread the word and make the connection for you.

Virtual assessments

When talent sourcing virtually, time zones and conflicting schedules can be an issue. Video interviews are getting more popular, as most people are already used to presenting themselves to a webcam instead of a conference room. Use this to your advantage to screen potential talent.

After hiring, how do you bring your virtual team together?

  • Use tools like Zoom to meet face-to-face and Slack to keep everyone on the same page
  • Laughter and light-hearted kidding/fun on calls helps everyone relax and feel like they’re in a welcoming workplace
  • Occasional conferences like WordCamp have helped the ProPunch team to bond. See if there are any virtual conferences or courses that would benefit your team.

How to Hire Digital Marketing Talent: How Does ProPunch Handle Talent Sourcing?

We seek to work with motivated clients who appreciate the work we do, and also like to have fun! ProPunch has the ability to bring in the best strategic partners to solve our clients’ challenges.

We do this by:

  • Developing a diverse talent pool that makes for great collaborative creative work/deliverables
  • Offering flexibility for personal or other professional pursuits, which has been a key reason for people working with us for many years

ProPunch is family owned and operated. Our staff, partners (vendors), and clients become our extended family, and we’re always searching for more!

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Our clients are as unique as the services and solutions we offer. If you want to work with a great team either as a client or as a strategic partner, learn more about us and what we do on the Professional Punch marketing services

Or, get in touch with us today to learn about how ProPunch can offer effective talent sourcing for today’s digital and virtual marketing agency.